Spend less TIME in figuring out TIME ZONES

Is it not a pain to always figure out what will be the time at X location right now? This isn't an issue if you have couple of internation citities to tackel with. But as number of cities across world increase, amount of time zone juggling one does increase....

And one wants to be quick and plan things in advance when it comes to setting up meetings, calls, conference, etc...

There are many tools and utilities that help us in doing that...but i tried fiding out easiest yet most useful tools to do this work. Here are few of my favorites


10 super cool ways of using USB

1. Lock and unlock your computer
With Predator, you can turn your USB drive into a "key" that unlocks your computer when plugged in, and locks it when it's removed. If anyone attempts to access your computer without the key (or top-secret password), they'll be hit with an epic "ACCESS DENIED" message.

2. Revive a virus-ridden system
With the free AVG rescue software loaded on your USB drive, you can scan a crippled computer for viruses. And, if all goes well, bring your system back to life.


Making paperless working - work!

With a digital document system in place, all documents that come into your office can immediately be scanned and electronically stored, making it easy to send them electronically to everyone who needs it. It is no longer necessary to waste time looking for documents. Document searches can be done quickly and gives results in seconds.
Security of a digital document is far better when stored with username and password.This means that only authorised users are able to retrieve the documents, making it more secure than paper, which could fall in the wrong hands. And accessing it is much more fast, easy and easy. One can access it from anywhere - home, office, while travelling....and this way we are going green!!


Use USB drive to lock and unlock computer

If you want to control the access to your computer beyond just a password then one you can use very own USB drive to do that! Like a secret service agent :)  Meaning you hang your USB or a SMALL MICRO USB card in a key chain which would control the access of your laptop or desktop!


Scarring away unwanted WiFi guest....

This may sound funny - but it works!!

You can’t block the Wi-Fi signals from reaching your neighbor’s house but there are several things you may do to prevent them from piggybacking on your wireless network. Some of the well-known techniques to secure your Wireless network

Most people in the neighborhood, who are connecting to your Wi-Fi network without permission, could be doing so unintentionally just because their computer showed them that an open wireless network in available in that area.


Securing home WiFi network

In this practical introduction to the basics of securing your home wireless network, will talk about how to secure a network of game consoles, phones, and PCs.  Following are totally useless security measurements specified in arstechnica's guide: And they are 3 thumb rules:

1. MAC filtering
2. Disable DHCP
3. Disable SSID


Digital Reading....

This is a story about my personal six month experiment about finding Pros & cons of digital reading.

Before I opted to do so, I had always thought that I would miss the feeling of paper, but to my surprise I do not. I am quite impressed how easy and helpful it is to read on digital devices such as the iPhone and Kindle and other big screen smart phones.

With the so many tablets available like Kindle, iPad, Blackberry Tab, Samsungs...it is sure a tempting and worthwhile attempt to read on these tablets.   

I start by doing a comparison and then taking some of the scenarios where digital reading is better while in some good old physical book is better!


Make your laptop a WiFi HotSpot

Why need a separate WiFi router when we can make our WiFi enabled laptops a decent & secure WiFi HotSpot?

There are 3 options available to make our very own laptop a WiFi router and connect our iPhones, Blackberries, iPads, Kindle and all WiFi enabled device connect to laptop and share it's internet with adequate security!

Option 1: Extremely Simple - Use Connectify
Option 2: Very Simple - Use Network Settings
Option 3: Simple - Use DOS Prompt


Save it for later .....

I see lot of friends, office mates and my self Goggle-ing around for certain specific item OR reading lot of news article around the net.

This often happens, you’re looking for something on the our great friend Google and you get what you want as the first link. But below it, there are a few very interesting links you’d also want to check out but in this harsh world, deadlines have a stronger say and you give them a miss.

One more scenario where we give miss to our interest due to lack of time - we are surfing one of many good news sites and we run through the headlines but there are lot of interesting articles to read along, but then either at that moment we are not in that frame of mind or we don't have time. Again, we give a miss to our interest.


Increase your chances of booking ticket from IRCTC

This is a story of all most every one who will wake up early to book a ticket from IRCTC through the Tatkal Scheme.

This is what happens!

1. One would wake up and open the browser at least 10 mins prior to 8:00 AM (The Tatkal booking on the IRCTC website opens at 08:00 hours a day in advance excluding the day of journey from the train’s source station)

2. One is happy to see the speed of the site. Because its not 8:00 AM YET!!!!

3. DONG DONG.........its 8:00 AM -- and suddenly the speed of IRCTC goes down....you feel as if your machine has hung up it self....your frustration level starts increasing...you start looking here and there and then would open another window / tab.

4. To your surprise, you are asked to re-login.....and then the wait starts......you wait ... wait ... wait long before you see the booking page under your login..


Using Cloud day in and day out!

Lot has been talked about cloud and some big terms like PAAS, SAAS, IAAS, Hybrid, Private, Public terms have been also used by lot technical speakers. But then apart from software developers, software organizations or enterprise organizations who implements applications – what does fuzz around Cloud mean to a common man (who could be an IT guy)!!!

How do we utilize and exploit the power of Cloud Computing. (I am delibratly not getting into what cloud computing is all about – since that is not the subject right now : but in one sentence to narate it – its a powerful toy).


Which Tablet is right for you?

There are so many tables in the market these days that one can just not go and pick one which satisfies all the parameters. So, i thought let me first put down which factors would help one (and me) to take a decision.

Configuration, Application Availability, Form Factor and Price. So here is the comparison.


Which Bluetooth is right for you?

It may sound very simplistic because a Bluetooth ear phone is no longer a fancy or a new buzz. However, to my surprise when i was out yesterday in the busy electronic market of Pune – i was amused to be confuse.

I had a standard Nokia Bluetooth which a year back cost me 1000 INR. That was an OK OK  ear phone  since it had problems if i was in an empty room (echo issues) / noisy area. (i lost that device in my washing machine – hence am looking out for the new one). So, as started looking out for a new Bluetooth my objective was clear – i need a one which has very good noise and echo cancellation features.