Save it for later .....

I see lot of friends, office mates and my self Goggle-ing around for certain specific item OR reading lot of news article around the net.

This often happens, you’re looking for something on the our great friend Google and you get what you want as the first link. But below it, there are a few very interesting links you’d also want to check out but in this harsh world, deadlines have a stronger say and you give them a miss.

One more scenario where we give miss to our interest due to lack of time - we are surfing one of many good news sites and we run through the headlines but there are lot of interesting articles to read along, but then either at that moment we are not in that frame of mind or we don't have time. Again, we give a miss to our interest.

"Pocket Me" (Formally known as Read it latter) OR Instapaper comes handy here. These sites allow us to save something to read it latter at a central place which can be accessed through - browsers, iPad Apps, Mobile Apps, Kindles (Normal & Fire), Blackberry Tablet and all Android based Apps.

So at office, you stumble upon an interesting article which you can't read in office (due to time constraint or any other constraint) - just push it onto "Pocket Me" / "Instapaper". And when you are back at home / place where you are in mood to read - open the app (it automatically syncs with your central repository) and there you go! You have it all in your iPad / Kindle / Mobile / Android!

Plus you also get an option to read it offline if you don't have internet access all the time.

My personal favorite is "Pocket Me" due to seamless integration with Kindle and iPad.