Which Bluetooth is right for you?

It may sound very simplistic because a Bluetooth ear phone is no longer a fancy or a new buzz. However, to my surprise when i was out yesterday in the busy electronic market of Pune – i was amused to be confuse.

I had a standard Nokia Bluetooth which a year back cost me 1000 INR. That was an OK OK  ear phone  since it had problems if i was in an empty room (echo issues) / noisy area. (i lost that device in my washing machine – hence am looking out for the new one). So, as started looking out for a new Bluetooth my objective was clear – i need a one which has very good noise and echo cancellation features.

I was surprise to see that almost all Bluetooth box would boost that they have feature of noise & echo cancellation but when i use, they were of no good.

Finally after many rounds if was able to short list following:

Nokia J - The headset measures 47.4 x 12.5 x 6.4 mm and weighs only 8g, which means that users will barely feel that they wear something in their ear. Nokia J features the usual indicator light that signals when the phone is in ‘paring mode’ or when it is already paired. With the multifunction key users will be able to accept or end a call, transfer a call or simply power on/off the headset. Speaking of noise reduction, Nokia J comes with Active background noise cancellation with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology and wind noise reduction, along with Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC).

Even though all these innovations will make the sound crisp and clear even in the noisiest environments, it will be hard to concentrate while your other ear is exposed to all the noise around you. This was the best of all the ear phones i checked out and was priced at 4700 INR.

The other one which i shortlisted was Samsung BHM1000 which runs on Bluetooth v2.1 and has features like with EDR, Active Pairing, features of the headset include answering / Ending and rejecting calls, Voice command support and multipoint connectivity. It also boosts DSP noise cancellation feature but lacks AEC. However, to my surprise even in an empty room where i tested it – it did not give me nor the listener much of an echo. It would cost around 1100 INR.

And the final which i shortlisted from an array of earphone was Jabra Wave Red. It looks stunning. It boosts features like MultiUse, 3 layer Wind Noise Reduction, Crystal clear sound and voice (DSP technology), Voice dialing, Battery status and Bluetooth indicator in display, Voice Guidance for Battery Level & Connection Status. It gave be best of all voice quality in an empty room & noisy street. It is an amazing product. One has to shell out around 3500 INR for this.

Conclusion- if money is not a constraint for a Bluetooth go for Jabra else with reasonably good sound and echo / noise cancellation and economically priced one should go for Samsung BHM 1000