Search way we think?

I want to search something on internet - what will i do? Its such a dumb question to even ask your self, isn't? We would of course do "Google" and get what we want.
But, yesterday i came across a fascinating search engine. Its a fantastic unconventional but very intuitive way of searching.

You can use this to compare Wolfram Search with Google and the nice part about the add-on is that it auto-hides Wolfram from Google pages where there are no Wolfram results available for a particular search query.

Let me see..... if i want to know where am i, then how will search?

Is it not a wrong question in first place - why will i think "how to search" should i not think "what should i ask"

I would simply ask "where am i?"

If we search this way in Google then look at the kind of result we get. But when put the same kind of question in Wolfarm search engine we would get a very intuitive response.   This is the kind of response we would getting for many results we get for different queries.

You would normally need an Excel spreadsheet and may have to learn some formulas to perform basic calculations involving date and time but not with Wolfram Alpha. The tool lets you work with dates using natural English. For e.g.

today + 5 month 2 weeks


How many days until Diwali?

Is it not cool to get an answer like shown in the snap-shot below?

Even knowing time zone is pretty cool. Take a look at following question..

time in city? - time in Delhi? it will give us the current time in that City. Also, figuring out the difference has a cool way...

Just ask 10:00 PM in London and it will give us the differential hours between our current location (which the engine finds automatically) and the location entered. So, if i am putting this question sitting in India i will get to see the difference as 5.30 hours. However, there are many cool ways of planning our time zones.

The tool can tell you the exact dates for astronomical events like when the next solar eclipse will take place while a specific query like “solar eclipse in new york” will show you the date for the next eclipse that will be visible from New York.

What do you get when you pour some red paint in a bucket of yellow paint? What’s the HTML and RGB equivalent of Purple? Bingo we can even get that....simply ask

90% of Red + 10% of Blue and it will tell you how will that colour look!

Most search engines offer weather forecast for the next 7 or 10 days but with Wolfram Alpha, you can get historic weather conditions of a city as well for any given date.

And unlike Google which will only give you sunrise and sunset times for the next day, Wolfram Alpha can compute that information for any past and future date.

This is one of my favorites. Put it any complex family relationship – like your mother’s sister’s son’s wife’s father – and Wolfram will map it into a genealogical tree making it easier for you make sense of that relation.