Do we have a Microsoft Azure clone? Check out Google Cloud Service!!

Do we have a Microsoft Azure clone? AWS lacks in providing a programing platform that can leverage in true sense the power of cloud computing and that is where MS Azure has been doing great with almost no competition. But, looks like the big daddy has set the foot in with Google cloud service!

Google is now adopting the same strategy as AWS and Windows Azure by bringing all the under one roof labeled as the Google Cloud Platform. Google’s biggest differentiator is that it’s Cloud services are used internally by many teams over a period of time. Services like CloudSQL, Cloud DataStore and BigQuery have been used by Google for many years before they are offered to the customers. That makes the platform proven and rock solid.

Google’s PaaS offering App Engine, finally supports PHP. This was the single most demanded feature by App Engine developers for ages. While Cloud Foundry, Engine Yard, AppFog and Windows Azure have been supporting PHP effortlessly, Google has been adamant in bringing the same to GAE

Services like Google Cloud Storage for storing static content, Google App Engine Cloud DataStore for storing schema-less data, CloudSQL for storing structured data and BigQuery for processing and analyzing large data sets make Google Cloud Platform complete and

App Engine is a complete development stack that uses familiar technologies to build and host applications on the same infrastructure used at Google. Write applications using any of App Engine’s supported languages including Java, Python, Go and PHP. Each has its own runtime dedicated to running the code fast and securely. With the App Engine SDK, one can develop, test and iterate the applications locally without doing full deployments. App Engine also offers integration with multiple IDE’s, including the Google Plugin for Eclipse.

Google Compute allows one to run large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google's infrastructure.

Google Storage allows one to store, access and manage your data on Google’s storage infrastructure.

Analyze Big Data in the cloud using SQL and get real-time business insights in seconds using Google BigQuery

Run MySQL databases in Google's cloud. Use a fully managed service to maintain and administer the database. Google Cloud SQL provides a relational SQL database based on MySQL. Google Cloud Storage provides storage for objects and files up to terabytes in size.

With task queues, you can easily defer work from user-facing requests for later processing. This simplifies application logic and improves latency.

Automatic scaling is built in with App Engine, all you have to do is write one's application code . App Engine is supposedly scale to meet the needs dynamically. 

Now the task at hand is to evaluate and compare the same with the flexibility provided by MS Azure and check out what is Google Cloud Service mettle in the competition with AWS and MS Azure.


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